“Are we there yet?” Well, almost, but not quite. We made a lot of progress during April, and every day the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter. Mounds of dirt have been spread and leveled. Stripes and lights are shining in the parking lot, and new stone columns mark its entrance. Concrete sidewalks were poured. New railings accent the steps and ramps leading into the sanctuary and the chapel. The chapel and its foyer are sparkling with new floor tiles and bright paint. Open Table is serving dinners from the kitchen.

During the next couple of weeks, look for the entrance railings to be painted, the chapel lighting and acoustic wall panels to be installed, and new flooring to be laid in the Hawes Hall side entrance and storage room and in the hallway to the refurbished Hawes Hall bathrooms, which will also become functional. A new air conditioning unit will provide comfort to the nursery/family room and the adjacent audio closet.

Before the end of the month, the refurbishment of the Hawes Hall basement classrooms and storage areas will be completed, and finishing touches will be added to the spaces beneath the sanctuary. The new elevator providing handicapped access to those spaces will be installed. Outdoors, topsoil will be spread in the spaces around the parking lot and in the islands within it, and the landscaping of those spaces will begin.

We’re not there yet, but we should be there well before summer vacations begin, even allowing for a few seemingly inevitable delays along the way.

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