What is Social Justice?

Why do so many issues tend to polarize faithful disciples of Jesus Christ?
How can we better communicate with each other as we examine systemic societal injustice and in particular, race, sex and gender issues?

The Social Justice committee invites your participation in workshop dialogues about these and other issues of injustice. In The Midst of New Dimensions 2014 is a conference taking place at the Lexington UMC on October 3-4. We would love to have you join members of Sudbury’s SJ commission as “this conference will tackle the related issues of power and privilege in church and society”.

Please let one of SJ’s members know of your interest as we prepare to register for this event. Fees will be waived. Come, get to know some of us as well as active members of our United Methodist conference who are working to make our ministry more inclusive. Please look at the website for further information about preachers and workshop leaders.

Caryl Walsh, Linda Lombardo, Eric Lind, Jean Lind , Karen Lubic, Jackie Kessler, Wade Larson, and Marcia Bradley

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