Yes, it was an early start on August 28th when we started our journey to Connecticut to catch a train into Grand Central, and a late end to the night returning to Sudbury far past our bedtime, but it was worth it in so many different ways. Fourteen youth and adults joined us at the UN Church Center right across the street from the field of flags at the United Nations.

Photo Cred. Bill Hoke

Photo Cred. Bill Hoke

We were able to hear from a Community Engagement Fellow at UNICEF, who provided an amazing overview of the great work that this organization does around the world as well as inspiration for future programs to support UNICEF’s cause. Additionally, we heard from a local NYC United Methodist pastor whose mission in the City was directly tied to our heritage through John Wesley and the earliest Methodists. Closing off our day, we worshiped in Tillman Chapel at the UN Church Center, where our very own organist accompanied the hymns on the chapel’s gorgeous instrument.


We’re looking into more opportunities to get further connected with the UN’s powerful witness to the world. Suggestions? Send Christy an email at

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