Thank you to all for the continued prayers, efforts, dollars, and attention. Here is the latest update regarding the supply drive.

SUMC’s financial generosity, combined with Evans Dodds Jr.’s determination, is going to make this a huge success. The supplies collected from SUMC friends and family are in a minivan headed for Hartford this afternoon. There, they will be combined with the supplies collected by Evans’ team, which are currently FILLING Evans and Kara’s living and dining rooms.

Later this afternoon, a large U-Haul truck will back up to a Hartford-area BJ’s Wholesale Club, where pallets of beans, rice, diapers, first aid kits, and other supplies are waiting. Once loaded, the truck will head to a Evans’ house, where a small brigade of folks will the supplies that fill the living and dining rooms and load them on the truck. The truck and this small brigade will head to a large parking lot where a 40′ land/air shipping container will be waiting to be filled, and the team will get to work filling it! (Yes, for those logisticians among you, a pallet jack has been secured to help with the transfer!)

Multiple trips may be required for all of this loading and unloading, but if all goes according to plan, the supplies should be loaded by 7pm, when a truck will pick up the container for the start of its journey to Marigot & Wesley. That journey will include stops in New Jersey and Miami, where it will be loaded on the weekly cargo ship that makes a circuit of the West Indies. Upon arrival in Rosseau, Dominica on October 21, Pastor Dodds’ team will receive the container, put it on a truck, and make the passage to Marigot. There, another small brigade will empty the shipping container and begin the assembly and distribution of ‘supply kits’ for the community.

The logistics are quite extensive, and Evans Jr. has calculated, spreadsheeted, recruited, negotiated, prayed, and pleaded to make each piece of the puzzle work to fill and ship that container. Sudbury UMC’s financial support made this possible, from truck rental to BJ’s pallets. There are, no doubt, some hurdles still to be overcome and some challenges to be met. But as Evans Jr. has said many times in the last 3 weeks… God will provide.

Praise to Him, Thanks to all, and say your prayers for the shipping containers’ journey!

Updates to follow!
Rick Houpt

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