Thinking About Water/UNICEF’S Tap Project

While many of us get up and prepare for our day, we give little thought to a precious resource that we use in many ways. Our ability to survive has often been told to be dependent on water. We have learned that given severe circumstances lack of water would cause fatality quicker than lack of food.

Water hydrates, nourishes and gives life. Water’s centrality to sustainable development has been shown.

How do we take care of our water supply? Are we using up our ground water faster than it can be replenished? Are factories and production lines using the ground water? In California’s Central Valley where 25% of our food is grown, the ground water resource is getting to a critical level.
There is a global water crisis that the United Nations has alerted us to. One tenet of the United Nations is that safe clean drinking water is a basic fundamental human right.

UNICEF’s #TapProject aims to have us put down our cell phones for an hour and tweet about it to encourage projects that will provide clean clear drinking water. In Haiti, clean water means less cholera, better nutrition and more kids in school. Yesterday, was World Water Day. I was as many taken aback by the photo of the trash in a bay where Russ Halliday spent his time as a Peace Corps volunteer. This photo reminded me that there are many locations where safe clean drinking water is not available.
Water related illnesses kill over 2 million people a year and most are children-UNICEF.

Learn more about how you can help provide clean water at

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