The Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) is seeking to engage Sudbury residents in a listening project. The Sudbury Clergy Association has invited us as a neutral, outside party to gain a better sense of the challenges Sudbury faces, as well as to identify opportunities to help the town moving forward. Whether you have been actively engaged in town matters or not, we invite all members of the Sudbury community to share their thoughts and experiences with us by signing up to participate in a Community Focus Group and/or completing our survey.

Community Focus Groups. We will hold a limited number of community focus groups on March 6-7 and March 13-14. These focus groups will be opportunities for town matters to be explored and discussed in a facilitated setting. While we have a limited number of spaces available, we will try to accommodate as many people as we can. Please sign up to attend a focus group by visiting this link below:

Survey. We have also designed a brief survey to help us gain input from as many voices as possible. We are eager to hear from as many of you as possible – the more input we have, the more valuable this project will be for the town. Please fill out this brief, anonymous survey by March 23 by visiting this link below:

We value and welcome your participation in this process. For more information, please visit our Facebook page at this link:

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