Sudbury Update:

  • $2,500 from SUMC’s emergency collection on Sunday was wired to Pastor Dodds this afternoon. He will use it to purchase emergency supplies for this two parishes. Additional money will be wired weekly. THANK YOU to all who have contributed! And please know that additional donations are being accepted.
  • Please encourage your neighbors, family and friends to contribute. The entire Island is in need and there are a number of trusted organizations that can use the money for emergency relief. If contributions are made via SUMC, contributors will know that 100% of their donations will go to emergency relief for people affected in Marigot and Wesley.  Donations can be made via our GIVE page.

 Pastor Dodds’ Update from Dominica:

Immediate Needs:  The immediate need is for potable water. Some springs are accessible up in the hills. Some folks are boiling water.  The usual supplies of fresh mountain water are contaminated, and the water processing system near the airport was destroyed.

Supplies Are Arriving:  Some emergency supplies and personnel have started to arrive by boat and helicopter. Pastor Dodds is  fairly sure that most of their efforts will be focused on the other side of the island which was more heavily hit.  Equipment for building a temporary airstrip in Marigot has begun to arrive.  Their first task will be to re-route the river that is currently flowing through the terminal.

Pastor Dodds’ Congregations:

  • Pastor Dodds is working hard to reach the elderly and other shut-ins members of the Ebenezer and Zion congregations. He and his church teams are prioritizing their water supplies to ensure these folks get what they need. Although he’s not been able to get to Marigot yet, he has has been in communications with the Zion church members.
  • There are now three rivers between Wesley and Marigot, and no bridges. Pastor Dodds plans to be in Marigot for Sunday Services; this may involve wading through three rivers to get there.
  • He sends his love, blessings, and gratitude to the SUMC family. He knows we’re praying for all in Dominica, and the members of Zion and Ebenezer are praying for us too.
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