thinking about White Privilege:

With Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday being celebrated this month and February being Black History Month; it seems an appropriate time to think about a topic called “White Privilege”, knowing that it can also be a difficult and potentially controversial one.

  • What is white privilege? White privilege can be defined as a set of advantages and/or immunities that white people benefit from on a daily basis beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances.
  • What are its roots? It is rooted in the history of the founding of this country by white Europeans who established the social, political and economic underpinnings for its future perpetuating a society that is systemically partial to white individuals and white institutions.
  • What is the concern? It can and does exist without white people having a conscious knowledge of its presence and it helps to maintain the racial hierarchy in this country.
  • What action needs to be taken? Educating ourselves to the complexities and subtleties of white privilege can provide us with new insight into our own attitudes about racism and perhaps stir us to find ways to become proactive in working to end racism in all aspects of our society.
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