Last Week’s Signs of Progress

By the middle of last week, several signs of progress appeared on this summer’s “Pave the Way” construction and renovation site. The new shape of the church’s main entrance can be seen a bit more clearly now that concrete has been poured into the forms flanking the front doors. The staging that dominated the sanctuary has been removed. The surface of the chancel has been leveled with plywood and prepared for new hardwood flooring. Under the sanctuary, classroom two-by-fours nailed into place earlier this month have now disappeared under new wallboard. “In general the construction is going well,” architect Gregg Yanchenko reported, “the overall schedule has only slipped two weeks from the original timeline.” With God’s help, worshipers will return to our newly renovated church and the classrooms beneath it on Sunday, September 11. Pastor Joel, our staff, and volunteers from the Worship and Music Commission will meet Monday morning, August 29, to prepare for a re-consecration service that will reclaim the sanctuary on that day for Christian worship, preaching, and the celebration of the sacraments.

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