Church Commissions are the foundation of the church providing leadership and administration of Sudbury United Methodist Church. From Christian Education to the Board of Trustees, our commissions are our shepherds and our stewards.  Acquaint yourself with our Programmatic and our Administrative commissions.


Church Council

Board of Trustees

  • Provides for care and maintenance of church property (real, personal, intellectual)
  • Holds title to church property, buildings, and equipment
  • Manages and receives property for the church

Lay Leadership

The Lay Leader and Assistant Lay Leader are elected positions within the Methodist church. The lay leadership role involves listening, partnering, interpreting, learning and communicating within the church community. It can be called a bridging role, supporting the pastor, the congregation and the church.


  • Oversees the identification and development of volunteer leadership
  • Invites, connects, equips and sustains volunteer leaders

Permanent Endowment

Works with the Finance Commission to oversee, shepherd and grow the church’s assets including the:

  • Permanent Investments
  • Memorial Funds
  • Planned Giving

Staff Parish Relations Commission

  • Acts as a liaison between staff, clergy, and the congregation and oversees annual evaluations and appointments
  • Ensures that church is a fulfilling place to work
  • Reflects on the roles and responsibilities of ministry and administrative staff; takes ownership for church staff organizational design

Stewardship & Finance

The Stewardship & Finance Commission (S&F) oversees & coordinates all aspects of financial stewardship at SUMC, working with all of the other Committees & Commissions.

  • S&F plans and conducts the annual pledge campaign to raise revenue to operate SUMC as a self-supporting congregation.
  • Members work with the other Commissions to prepare a balanced operating budget for each year based on pledged revenue.
  • The Financial Secretaries, Church Treasurer, Endowment Treasurer, Sunny Hill Treasurer, Counters and Audit Committee report to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is a non-profit preschool sponsored by the Sudbury United Methodist Church.  This commission’s mission is to provide quality education to young children in Sudbury and surrounding communities.  The school is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs. Sunny Hill teaches “academics through purposeful play”.  While the church sponsors the school, religion is not part of the school’s curriculum. A committee comprised of church members works with the director to oversee the school operations including personnel, finance, hospitality, marketing and facilities.

Facility Study Committee

The Facility Study Committee shall collaborate with Maple Hill Architects in a discernment process to:

  • Determine and prioritize the facility needs of SUMC, beginning with the findings of the Building Needs Task Force
  • Develop and evaluate three options for meeting the facility needs of SUMC
  • Select one option to recommend to the June Church Conference for approval

During this process, the Facility Study Committee, in collaboration with Maple Hill Architects, shall obtain input and feedback from internal and external facility users, the Capital Campaign Committee and its fundraising consultant, the Church Council and the congregation and shall provide monthly progress reports to the Church Council.


Caring Network

The church community is divided into thirteen geographical neighborhoods to help provide support and care to those with a short-term need such as meals, rides, babysitting or grocery shopping. The networks are also used for fellowship and planning. The Caring Network falls under the umbrella of Membership and Community Life.

Christian Education

Works with the Director of Christian Education overseeing all aspects of Christian Education from infant to adult. Works closely with the Pastor and laity to develop and implement ideas for dynamic and innovative formational programs for all ages, including all Church School activities, Youth programming, CornerStones (adult education programming), the SUMC Library, Advent and Lenten workshops and the Christmas Pageant.

Church Growth

Seeks to attract and make welcome newcomers to the SUMC congregation. Initiates and staffs the “Information and Welcome Station” for visitors to the Sunday service. Reaches out to newcomers with telephone calls and postcards. Holds quarterly receptions on Sunday mornings after the service to acquaint newcomers with the church and the staff. Fosters public awareness of SUMC in the community with the help of the Communication Coordinator through local media, social media and church based publications and programs.

Health Ministry

The Health Ministry Commission seeks to promote the well-being of this faithful congregation and its community. This Ministry helps the congregation to care for one another and promotes the spiritual, social, mental and physical well-being of the individual, congregation, and community. The point of a health emphasis at SUMC is to make explicit the link between the commitments of a religious tradition, the activities of the congregation, and the way this relates to people’s overall well-being. Recognizing the importance of a compassionate response to the needs of the people to be served, the Health Ministry Commission listens with an open heart and mind to feedback from congregants and to the shared concerns.

Membership & Community Life

Develops programs and provides fellowship opportunities to integrate new members into the church. Nurtures those who attend the church regularly. Oversees greeting and hospitality including Coffee Hour, Sunday greeters, Supports new member classes. Organizes an annual Fellowship dinner for groups of 8 to 10 people in member homes. Publishes the members’ Photo Directory. Welcomes new ideas and contributors. Groups that operate independently under the umbrella of the Membership and Community Life Commission include the Annual Church Retreat, Caring Networks, and Magic Years


The Outreach Commission supports the mission work of the church. Decisions on which programs to endorse are guided by the three F’s:  Focus – What is the project’s purpose and need?  Face – Is there a personal connection with members of our church?  Fishers – Will the project help others to help themselves?  Outreach aids projects on a global, regional and local basis. Support for organizations that fight hunger and homelessness represent approximately two thirds of the budget.

Social Justice

The Social Justice Commission seeks to bring to all believers an awareness of public issues that impede the dignity of some of God’s children. The group advocates for “the least of these” by encouraging all to examine their faith and asks themselves “what would Jesus do?” Helps others become aware of injustices faced by others and become emboldened to help change happen. Sponsors the recognition of the Welcoming and Reconciling congregation. Celebrates Earth Day sharing ideas on how to be better stewards of God’s creation.

Stephen Ministry

Sudbury United Methodist Church has been a Stephen Ministry Congregation since 1992. Stephen Ministers are lay people who have taken 50 hours of special training to prepare them to provide one to one caring, Christian ministry to those going through a time of need. Stephen Ministers are assigned by the pastors to be that “supportive presence” and “listening ear” for those going through difficult times or crises in their lives. Such situations might include illness, divorce, death of a loved one, troubled relationships with a child or spouse, aging parents, or loss of a job.

Worship & Music

Supports the pastor and professional music staff ensuring that Sudbury United Methodist Church provides worship opportunities and music to enhance the spiritual growth of the congregation as a community of faith and a body of individuals. Works to meet the needs of the congregation as the congregation grows in its relationship with God. Serves as an umbrella for the Ushers, Flower Committee, Acolytes, Choir Guild and Communion Stewards.

Task Forces

The following Commissions, Committees, Teams and Task Forces are formed as needed to oversee specific efforts:

Work With Us

We invite you to join a commission.  For more information about individual commissions speak with members and staff.