Let’s Raise the Roof!

Since 1979, SUMC has nurtured and developed a strong relationship with the island of Dominica, focused primarily on the neighboring communities of Marigot and Wesley and the Methodist churches in those two villages.  The relationship has included a Family Sponsorship Program in which SUMC families offer financial assistance to individuals and families in Dominica, as well as The Pre-school Sponsorship Program in which SUMC members underwrite the salaries of the teachers. Over the years, SUMC has supplemented this support with supply drives for library books, school supplies, and most recently, emergency relief supplies in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika, in August of 2015.

The SUMC-Dominica relationship has also included dozens of mission trips and work teams.  SUMC adult teams and God Squad teams have worked side by side with our brothers and sisters in Dominica to build, among many things, a library, a high school, ‘The Great Wall of Wesley, and a playground.  And for the past five years, SUMC teams have been engaged in the construction of the Community Hall in Wesley.

Raising the Roof in Dominica

The Community Hall will be used by the congregations to extend their work internally and externally.   It will be a post-worship gathering place, like our own Hawes Hall, and provide a location for church school, bible study, adult education, and church-wide gatherings.  For the larger community, the hall will serve as a gathering place for community meetings, outreach efforts, and community holiday events.  In the wake of Tropical Storm Erika, the unfinished and roof-less Community Hall was used by our Methodist brothers and sisters as a distribution point for the emergency supplies to serve the wider community.

It is that ‘roof-less-ness’ which drives us now as we strive to complete the Community Hall.  All that remains is to purchase the materials, put up the roof, and install windows and doors.  Most of these tasks require experienced craftsmen and tradesmen and will be fulfilled by on-island skilled labor, so there’s no need for a work team.   However, the materials still need to be purchased and have a price tag of $15,000.  We are turning once again to the generosity of  SUMC members and friends to help purchase those materials and Raise the Roof.

Can you help us Raise the Roof?

We’re looking for donations, large and small.  Our target is to complete this fundraiser by the end of July, so that the project can be completed in September.  Your donation will go directly to raising the roof and installing the windows, and will help us complete a project that so many in SUMC have been part of.  More importantly, your donation will go directly to completing a project that will be used by our Methodist brethren in Wesley and Marigot to serve their communities.  Your donation will help them carry out Christ’s charge to be of service to others.

Can you donate $1,000? $500? $250?

There are several ways to make a donation of any size:

  • Online: http://sudbury-umc.org/ – scroll to bottom of page, select “Dominica” for “Donation Towards “, click on Donate, and continue to follow instructions.
  • By Check: On memo line of check, write “Raise the Roof, Dominica”.  Send check to SUMC, 251 Old Sudbury Road, Sudbury, MA 01776.
  • By Phone: Call Rick Houpt to make a pledge or discuss payment options.  443.6885

Your financial support is so deeply appreciated, and we are incredibly grateful for each and every dollar. Please know that every cent of every dollar will go directly to this project.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the number above

Peace, and thank you for your support,

Rick Houpt





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