Eight members of Sudbury UMC attended Greenwood Memorial UMC’s annual Harvest Banquet with me on Oct. 24. To mark the banquet’s 25th anniversary, Mayor Marty Walsh made a special appearance. He spoke movingly to the crowd about worshiping during his campaign in many of Boston’s churches. He said, “You know, I’m a Catholic. But in every church I visited, I felt God’s presence and I found people praying for our city.” He commended our friends at Greenwood for “anchoring” the Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester. He asked them to pray for a solution to the upswing in violence that is infecting Boston. He asked them to pray for Mayor Menino who had just announced that he was suspending chemotherapy. And he asked them to pray for him. It felt like a holy, heartfelt moment. It was like being in church in a rented banquet ballroom.

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