Here is a story about how UMCOR is helping on the ground, even when we might not know a need exists.

In Potosí Department, a province in southwestern Bolivia, where 5 percent of the world’s silver is mined, the Juckucha River runs. Up until 2008, the Juckucha River ran clean. It watered plants and livestock. It nourished the community.

However, mining changed all of that.

Now lead, cadmium, and arsenic have polluted the river so much that the fruit trees on the riverbanks have died. The river life has diminished. Everyone knows not to drink the water anymore.

However, in times of drought, the people of Cerro Rico need water for their families and their livestock. They must drink from the Juckucha. This polluted water has affected people as far away as 100 miles downstream from Cerro Rico.

Enter UMCOR.

UMCOR collaborates with Engineers in Action to clean up this toxic river. Together, they research innovative solutions to this problem. UMCOR is there, and will continue to be there, because UMCOR believes everyone deserves access to clean water. UMCOR already is making a difference. Thanks to UMCOR and its partners, many chemicals no longer flow into the Juckucha. UMCOR and others are working to repair a damaged ecosystem.

They are bringing health to hundreds of thousands of communities.

They will be there until the work is complete.

We support efforts like this when we give to One Great Hour of Sharing. We change the lives of people all over the world with our generosity.

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