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October 2 Council Meeting to Discuss Chapel Structural Repair

The Church Council will meet after worship this Sunday, October 2, to discuss how best to resolve an unanticipated flaw in the structure of Davison Chapel. The problem must be addressed before the planned renovation of the Chapel can proceed. Because the cost of fixing the problem could increase the project budget beyond the amount currently covered by pledges and donations, the Building Committee opted to seek the approval of the Council, since insufficient time is available to schedule a specially called Church Conference. Members of the congregation are invited to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion to share their thoughts on how the problem should be handled.

Last week, our construction contractors noticed that the exterior side wall of the Chapel is about 2.5 inches out of plumb. Architect Gregg Yanchenko’s structural engineer attributed the movement to improperly designed roof trusses, in which the horizontal beams were installed too far above the tops of the walls. The engineer believes the walls will continue to move if the problem is not corrected.

Three options for correcting the problem have been identified:

  • Cosmetically patch the exterior side wall with shims and fillers, without addressing the cause of the problem, leaving the underlying cause for future repair.
    Estimated cost $1,000.
  • Modify and adjust the existing exterior side wall, replace the roof, and install properly designed trusses.
    Estimated cost $40,000
  • Reconstruct the exterior side and back walls, replace the roof, and install properly designed trusses.
    Estimated cost $48,000.

The current financial impact of the cosmetic patching would be minimal. Implementing either of the other two options would require the generation of additional funding, the sources of which will be reviewed at Sunday’s meeting.

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