Share Your Presence This Advent Season!

Rush here….rush there! Shopping, wrapping, eating too much, drinking too much, all those Christmas parties….by the end of the season, your head is spinning and you are having to make those pesky New Year’s resolutions!

We can help! This year, simplify your Advent: Spend Less, Give More, Worship Fully, and Love All. Consider buying fewer gifts and instead spend your time with those you love and those who need your love. And worship fully – the true reason for the season!

Join your friends at SUMC to sing carols to the sick, the lonely and the elderly or help us host a party for those who have no home in which to through their own party. We’ll make it easy…you just have to show up! Click on this link and read about the opportunities to make someone else’s Christmas a bit more cheerful!

Then on Sunday, drop by our poster in the narthex or in the hall on your way to coffee hour: peel a post-it note off of the poster and jot down your name and contact info and post it under the event in which you chose to offer your presence. And see what is revealed by your gift of presence.

Email Brad Slayton if you have questions.

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