Our programs are designed to be communities where members and visitors are invited to join the journey growing deeper in faith and fellowship. Some classes are geared more for “age and stage” of life, while others are intentionally intergenerational. Throughout the Adult Education program we work to cultivate an environment in which diversity is valued and different opinions are respectfully engaged.

Grow Your Faith At Every Age

Age 3-11

  • Church school
  • Summer school
  • Acolyte

Age 11-14

  • Youth Group
  • Acolyte

Age 14 – 18

  • Youth Group
  • Confirmation Class
  • Acolyte

Age Adult

  • Cornerstones
  • Disciple Bible study
  • Bible study At Panera
  • Faith Walk
  • Womens Fellowship
  • Mens breakfast
  • The Magic Years