The Wreaths are Coming!  The Wreaths are Coming!

The annual sale of fresh Christmas wreaths will begin on Sunday morning, Nov. 29, in Hawes Hall, courtesy of our Outreach Commission.  The cost is lower this year because we have a different wreath supplier, just $10 each. For the past few decades we’ve bought our gorgeous balsam wreaths from the United Methodist Economic Ministry in Salem, Maine. Last year’s experience – much snow and fewer wreath-makers – has put them out of the wreath business this season.  We hope they’ll be back.

You can support the Maine Economic Ministries by purchasing a bow from the Flower Committee.

Ready Your Wreath with a Bow 

When you are purchasing a wreath from the Outreach Commission, the Flower Committee will have bows available to decorate them this year.  The proceeds from the sale of the bows will go to support the Maine Economic Ministries.  This is another small way you can give to others this Advent.  And as an added bonus, your wreath is ready to hang on your door when you get home.

Christmas Flowers

How festive our sanctuary looks when we gather to celebrate Christmas!  The Flower Committee invites you to sign up for a flowering plant to be purchased in memory or in honor of a person special to you.  This year we will be decorating with red and white poinsettias, a larger “Red Glitter” poinsettia, and evergreen trees.  Look for the order forms in the bulletin this Sunday!  We will be at coffee hour to receive the forms, or you can leave it in the office.  You can also access the form online via the church website.  The deadline for ordering is Dec. 6th.  For any questions contact Wanda Doughty @ or 781-777-1337.

Christmas Flowers Form 2015_Page_1

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