Rick Houpt reports that he spoke briefly with Pastor Dodds on Tuesday evening. Below are the highlights:

  • On Tuesday, the island was impacted by a Tropical Wave (similar to a tropical storm, but less intense). Residents were advised to remain indoors throughout the day and all business and government services were shut down. Additional flooding occurred, further contaminating the rivers and adding to the fresh/potable water issues.
  • Canadian donations of water purification systems for individual home use were received and distributed in the Wesley and Marigot area. Recipients were primarily, elderly, shut-ins, and families with small children.
  • Fresh potable water continues to be a challenge for many. Some natural springs are accessible, but containers are few and transport is limited. Bottled water is available to some, but rationed to some degree, and not easily transported.
  • Pastor Dodds confirmed that he received the most recent wire transfer and will be purchasing non-perishables with the Zion and Ebenezer teams on Saturday. The teams will again assemble supply kits for distribution around Wesley and Marigot.

Pastor Dodds sends his blessings, well-wishes, and thanks to SUMC.

Please keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Dominica.

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