The Rev. Rene Perez, superintendent of the Central Massachusetts  district, has authorized a special Church Conference on Sunday,  February 19, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.  The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun,  superintendent of the Conn/Western MA District, will preside.

Sudbury United Methodist Church
Building Committee Request for Church Conference
To Approve Additional Pave the Way Costs and Funding
February 7, 2017

On January 27, 2017, the SUMC Building Committee received 17 change orders signed by the general contractor and architect for the church’s Pave the Way facility improvement project. An additional five change orders have not yet been presented but are expected. Because the change orders will increase the project’s costs beyond the budget approved by previous Church Conferences, a special Church Conference must be called to approve them as soon as possible to ensure the successful completion of the project.

The Superintendent of the Central Massachusetts District of the New England Conference of the UMC asked the SUMC Building Committee to provide the following information, which is presented below, to support its request for a special Church Conference:

• How the money will be used
• What caused the money to be needed
• How the money will help the completion of the project
• Where the money will come from

Use of the Additional Funding

The purposes and amounts of the 17 change orders are shown in the attached Table 1, which also compares the additional funding required with the currently projected Pave the Way funding.

Change Orders 1 through 4, which include renovations in the Sanctuary and Hawes Hall basements, a handicap ramp at the new entry to Hawes Hall and Davison Chapel, and various door and window additions, were included in previously approved budgets. Change Order 6 for the Davison Chapel structural repair was approved at the November 2016 Church Conference.

Change Orders 5 through 14 include kitchen equipment and chair and table carts, new Sanctuary front entry doors (financed via the Trustees Capital Fund), Chapel acoustic enhancements, Chancel railings, additional trenching and a transformer pad to accommodate a new power line, internal electrical work and equipment, and new Sanctuary carpet, changes in the tile specified in the Narthex, and new flooring in the Narthex stairwell and Hawes Hall bathrooms and kitchen side entry. As shown in Table 1, work on these change orders has begun and in some cases been completed, but the resulting billings, contained in recently-submitted contractor Requisition #7, have not exceeded the total funding available for the project.

Change Orders 15, 16 and 17 include a town-required fire hydrant and connection to the town water main across Old Sudbury Road, labor for the installation of the new Sanctuary doors, installation of a wooden guard rail along the parking lot sidewalk between the Sanctuary and Hawes Hall, and the removal of asbestos recently discovered in the Chapel flooring. These change orders are expected to be included in contractor Requisition #8.

Change Orders 18-22 have not yet been presented by the contractor, but the architect has advised that they are necessary for the completion of the project. They include installation of the Chapel acoustic panels, purchase and installation of shelving in the Hawes Hall storeroom and the kitchen pantry, the cupola above the new chapel entry, concrete sidewalks between the parking lot and the front entrances, and the adaption of the existing solar panels to the new three-phase electrical system.

Need for the Additional Funding

The need for the additional funding of the change orders results from the following causes:

• Change in project scope requested after the signing of the construction contract
̶ Need not previously identified by SUMC and not included in the original project scope
̶ Need known to SUMC but inadvertently omitted from the project scope and budget
• Change required because of unforeseen site conditions or regulatory requirements

The 22 change orders presented for approval respond is one way or another to one of the above causes. Following is a summary of the reasons for the change orders:

Change in project scope—need not previously identified or included in original scope

Change Orders 1-4 – Hawes Hall basement classrooms were upgraded to meet Sunny Hill needs; HVAC was added to Sanctuary basement to meet Sunday School needs; handicap ramp was added to new entrance to achieve accessibility goal; miscellaneous doors and windows resulted from design changes after the contract was signed.

Change Orders 5 & 19 – Equipment and shelving to facilitate storage in the Hawes Hall storeroom and kitchen pantry was not included in the bid drawings but was added to the project as critical to the efficiency of the new spaces.

Change Orders 7 & 16 — SUMC Trustees determined that the Sanctuary doors were aging and needed to be replaced, decided to ask the contractor to perform that task, and donated $10,000 from the separate Trustee Capital Account to help finance it. The guardrail along the parking lot sidewalk, in the absence of a curb for accessibility reasons, was added as a safety measure to prevent vehicles from accidently accelerating into the courtyard area between the Sanctuary and Hawes Hall.

Change Orders 8 & 18 – Fabric panels were added to the design of the new chapel to enhance its acoustics on the recommendation of an acoustic consultant engaged by the architect.

Change Order 9 – The railings on the new front steps of the Chancel were added after the renovation was completed to enhance the safety and accessibility of the Chancel to persons with restricted mobility.

Change Order 12 – Flooring enhancements were added to correct situations that were identified during the construction process. These included changes in floor tiles, purchase of protective mats, replacement of the aging Sanctuary carpet and repairs to the sub-floor in the Hawes Hall restrooms to prevent further leakage to the basement room below.

Change in project scope—need known but inadvertently omitted from original scope

Change Order 20 – The cupola above the chapel entrance was included in the initial design but was not evident in the set of drawings used by the contractor to prepare the contract budget. The Building Committee believes the cupola, approved by the Town Historical Districts Commission, is important to indicate the entrance to a worship space.

Change Order 21 – The concrete sidewalks were included in the bid drawings but were inadvertently omitted from the project budget, an honest oversight that the change order will correct.

Change required because of unforeseen site conditions or regulatory requirements

Change Orders 10, 11 & 13 – The additional trenches to accommodate conduits for the three-phase electrical system and the pad for a necessary transformer were required by the Eversource approach to supplying three-phase power, which was determined several weeks after the project began.

Change Order 14 – Most of the additional electrical work resulted from situations that were unknown or not identifiable at the outset of the project, including a generator to ensure constant pressure in the dry portion of the fire suppression system (to prevent discharge and subsequent water flow in the event of power failure), additional wiring and panels to accommodate the Eversource supply of three-phase power, the unanticipated need for distribution system renovation and connection with the existing solar panel system.

Change Order 15 – The Town of Sudbury required the addition of a fire hydrant to the water supply of the fire suppression system and the unanticipated connection of the system to a water main on the far side of Old Sudbury Road

Change Order 17 – During the renovation of the Chapel, unanticipated asbestos was discovered in a section of the flooring that preceded the construction of the Chapel, requiring remediation to eliminate the asbestos.

Change Order 22 – To obtain maximum value from the existing solar panel power generating system, modifications are necessary to convert its single-phase power output to three-phase power that can be fed directly into the church’s three-phase power supply.

Impact of the Additional Funding on Project Completion

Trusting in the integrity of the church, the contractor has assumed the risk of completing the work associated with several of the change orders prior to obtaining the approval of the church so as not to contribute to further delay of the project. Work has also progressed on some of the uncompleted change orders for the same reason. The approval of the change orders and the additional funding necessary to implement them is critical to the successful completion of the Pave the Way improvement project:

• Approval of the change orders and the $149,000 additional funding required to implement them, which amounts to only 6.24% of the initial project budget of $2.315 million, will enable the completion of all the original project components and secure the benefits provided by those components.
• Approval of the change orders will also provide additional benefits that will complement and enhance the effectiveness and functionality of the original project components
• Approval of the funding of the change orders will enable the church to properly compensate the contractor and subcontractors for work performed as well as for work necessary to carry the project to completion. Denial of such funding would likely result in the withdrawal of the contractor and subcontractors, leaving many components of the project unfinished and the expected benefits unobtained. It could also lead to costly legal actions.
• Without the additional funding to complete the final stages of the unfinished project components, major spaces, such as the Hawes Hall basement and bathrooms, the kitchen, the Chapel, the Chapel entrance and possibly Hawes Hall itself, would remain without electrical power and unusable. The HVAC system would suffer from a lack of control. The fire suppression (sprinkler) system would be inoperable. The front entrance to the Sanctuary would suffer from unfinished granite installation.

Sources of Additional Funding

The attached Table 1 indicates that (at least) $149,190 of additional funding will be required to implement the change orders, complete the project and cover the estimated interest on the bridge loan, assuming payoff in 2020.

The Building Committee, working with the Stewardship and Finance Committee, has identified several potential sources of additional funding, including the following:

  •  Additional pledges obtained via personal appeal to potentially willing individuals
  • Offer of naming rights for appropriate additional pledges
  • Encouragement of congregation to accelerate payment of pledges to reduce interest payments
  • Accessibility Grant from UMFNE
  • Grant from Sudbury Foundation to support accessibility and safety enhancements to building used frequently by community organizations
  • Grant from Community Preservation Act Funds
  • Annual Emergency Distribution from Endowment fund of up to 7% of fund value, or approximately $25,000 per year
  • Loan from Endowment Fund (previously used)
  • Increased loan from Middlesex Bank
  • Loans from members of the SUMC congregation
  • Renewal of request to Town of Sudbury to reduce building permit fees for religious and other non-profit institutions

The loan options are less attractive than the donation and grand options and will be pursued with a lower priority.

The Building and S&F Committees will pursue these options aggressively during the period preceding the Church Conference. The Committees are confident that the necessary funding will be arranged. A possible scenario based on initial discussions:

Additional personal pledges $75,000
Endowment emergency distributions 2017, 2018, 2019 $75,000
Total additional funding $150,000

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