Our staff and our dedicated lay leaders make up a dynamic team that shepherd our congregation and oversee the work we do in worship, music, education and service.  Scroll down to meet us, click on a photo to learn about us, and continue down the page for a listing of the church council members.

Our Staff

Eric Magnuson

Director of Christian Education
978-443-4351 x207

Zack Moser

Director of Youth Ministries
978-443-4351 x208

Kevin Murphy, AAGO

Music Director/Organist

Rob Hammerton

Sanctuary Choir Director

Michael Greb

Business Manager
978-443-4351 x206

Shetal Kaye

Office Administrator
978-443-4351 x201



Church Council and Special Leadership Teams

Nurture, Outreach and Witness, this is the charge of the church council.  This leadership group  guides and furthers the ministry of our congregation.  The council is made up of commission chairs who meet monthly and administer the church with the pastor.

  • Richard Morris, Chair
  • Jay Krone, Vice Chair
  • Jim Bennett
  • Karen Bowler
  • Alison Condon
  • Jeannette D’Alessandro
  • Kay D’Orlando
  • Jennifer Gero
  • Don Glencross
  • George Gorman
  • Rev. Joel Guillemette
  • Nancy Hammerton
  • Diane Hammond
  • Oscar Harrell
  • Patrick Helsingius
  • Eric Herstine
  • John Iberg
  • Heather Josselyn-Cranson
  • Linda Lombardo
  • Lyn MacLean
  • Dan Maller
  • Susan Pauley
  • Sherry Stonebraker
  • Caryl Walsh

Want to join our team? Contact us

Eric Magnuson

Director of Christian Education
978-443-4351 x207