Reverend Gil Caldwell will speak at the Sudbury United Methodist Church on Sunday, March 15 at 9:30AM.

Rev. Caldwell has a deep commitment to racial justice along with first hand experiences with Martin Luther King Jr.
Gil Caldwell is an African-American and has been on the front lines of the movement for civil and equal rights for over two generations. Gil is noted for his unyielding commitment to civil rights for African Americans. He participated in the March on Washington in 1963 where he heard Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
As, pastor of the Union Methodist Church in Boston, he with others was instrumental in bringing Martin Luther King to speak on the Boston Common during the 1965 public school busing crisis.
He marched with Dr. King from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, which resulted in the passage of the Voting Rights Act.
The 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery march this month will in Rev. Caldwell’s words: “hopefully, spend most of its time, allowing the meaning of the Selma to Montgomery March address the present and the future. The “living contradiction” of the Supreme Court and the Congress, rescinding some aspects of the Voting Rights Act, an Act brought about by much blood, sweat, tears and deaths, should be a centerpiece of what happens in Selma this week.

Caldwell goes on to say: “Remembering and reflecting on the first Selma, compels a re-dedication to confront the Selmas that are present in 2015. There is a symmetry between the police violence of “Bloody Sunday” 50 years ago, and the police violence directed at black men and boys today on the streets and in prisons, that must be admitted, acknowledged and confronted. The release of the Justice Department’s critiques of policing in Ferguson, could not be more timely.”

Rev. Gilbert Caldwell’s sermon topic will be “Seeing others with our hearts, souls and minds”. He will be the guest preacher at the Sudbury United Methodist Church during the worship service on March 15, at 9:30AM. Rev. Caldwell will also stay for a sermon talkback discussion following the service. The Sudbury United Methodist Church is located at 251 Old Sudbury Road (Rte. 27) Sudbury, MA. For information visit our website at

Martin Luther King said it best; “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We invite and encourage all to join us for this first-hand experience of history and its relevance today.
Social Justice Commission

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